NaturalGlow Signage

The first outdoor signage that glows without electricity

Absorbing light during the day and releasing it after sundown

A new approach...

Worldwide there are millions of electrically powered company signages shining major part of the day. Together they consume a lot of energy and contribute to the nightly light pollution. At NaturalGlow Signage we have created an eco-friendly way to illuminate company signages without electricity. It is based on phosphorescence, also known as glow-in-the-dark, which allows for a natural experience. It only starts glowing when needed, after sundown, and during the night glow naturally fades without disturbing animal nightlife. In this way NaturalGlow Signage contributes to the global trends for less ecological footprint and less light during the night (e.g. Earth Hour and Lights-off-movement).

Glow-in-the-dark Signage at Unilever HIVE
Phosphorescence illustration

How does it work?

Phosphorescent materials are safe to the environment and can absorb light during the day and release it again after sundown. Just like windmills and solar panels their performance follows weather and seasonal changes. By combining state-of-the-art technologies we have been able to create outdoor signages that can visually glow at night in the presence of artificial light sources from buildings and streetlights.

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Other applications

Also use our glow technology for making outdoor advertisement displays. These can be mounted to both static structures like buildings, ice cream cabinets,  and displays along the road or moving objects like on vans, trains, you name it...

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No limits to size and orientation

Create any size outdoor sign you want from as small as your hand up to thousands of square meters without consuming any electricity. The orientation towards the sun is not critical for its performance, and also works for north facing displays.

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No connection to the grit needed

NaturalGlow Signage materials are powered by daylight and therefore no connection to the grit is needed. So, no additional costs for expensive electrical wiring in remote areas or spots that are difficult to reach.

NaturalGlow Signage is an independent social entrepreneurship startup which originated from a Unilever FIC Hive sustainability initiative

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Global light pollution has increased by ~2% per year from 2012 to 2016

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Enough energy to supply 370,000 households would be saved, if all shops in France were to turn off their signage lights at night

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